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Seth Michael Goldstein is well recognized New York wide for providing legal assistance of highest standards. With expertise of 20 years in legal services, Mr. Seth today, has evolved out as a successful attorney general in NY. Started his career from local courts of New York, Michael faced many ups and downs in his career, but his hard efforts helped him in accomplishing all his tough and easy situations as well as cases. So whether you are facing work station dispute, or a case related to real estate dispute, you can trust on Mr. Goldstein for his quality legal assistance.

A sought after personality, Mr. Seth Michael Goldstein is a locale from New York City who has a vast knowledge and holds years of experience in offering best- in- class legal services for drawing the cases in favor of his clients. You can see him appearing on a number of TV and radio channels, where he can be found sharing his experience with high profile cases and providing solutions for individual’s legal queries. Known among the top defense lawyers in New York, Seth also stands among the best defense lawyers country wide. He is a passionate and dedicated lawyer that provides perfect case strategies, advanced trial techniques and communication measures in the favor of his clients.

He is a trustworthy lawyer who has successfully accomplished a number of cases related to issues like Mortgage Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Simple Assault, Aggravated Assault, shoplifting, ID Theft, Violation of Restraining Order, Stalking and many others, with his high skills and expertise. Relying on his experience can not only help you in solving your legal problems, it also helps you in wasting an excess amount of money. Before providing his legal advisory to the clients, Mr. Seth first studies the case thoroughly and then plans the perfect exit strategy for it. Through this approach, his clients get assistance in dealing with their cases easily and effectively. So, in case, if you are undergoing any illegal molestation or facing any dispute regarding tax law, feel free to contact Mr. Seth Michael Goldstein for his expert advice.